Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
08-09:00 Breakfast. Make food pack for lunch.
10:30 Sølve: Adaptive Energy Preserving 09:00 Tommy: Factoring group morphisms 09:00 Kurusch: Post-Lie Magnus expansions Brynjulf: CC2
Hans: Applications of homological algebra
in computational Fourier transformations
12:27 Return train
Free. You can get waffles at 14:00
16:00 Torbjørn: Image analysis using Euler’s elastic 17:00 Geir: Interpolation on symmetric spaces 15:00 Elisa: T-triplets
Thorstein: Mechanics of links Klas: Diffeomorphisms and imaging
Milo: Geometric integration: Euler pens on the sphere Charles: Something about stochastic system
(maybe Hamiltonian)
19:00 Dinner

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